Everything you need to now about the Fight4Hope game!
Fight4Hope is a play-to-earn blockchain game based on an online multiplayer battle royale model.

Fight4Hope is built on the Unreal 5 engine with the highest standards in graphics available, never delivered in a crypto play-to-earn concept to date.


A hegemonic civilization on the brink of collapse built a giant spaceship, capable of transporting vast amounts of its life and culture across interstellar space, towards a new home. The ship, named Hope, was almost ready to launch… when the impending doom that threatened its builders finally struck and wiped them out. Hope is now adrift in space, unmanned and unclaimed. But there are many others ready to fight for Hope and claim it for themselves. Are you one of them?
Our vision is to make a game that will increase transparency in the gaming industry. The gaming industry is rife with fraud when it comes to item trade, but blockchain will provide transparency for customer-to-customer and peer-to-peer transactions of products via NFT logic.

Our mission with Fight4Hope is to create a mass adoption game that does not rely on high-interest rates for gaming but instead just takes advantage of all the earning features seen in both traditional gaming and mass adoption games.

With the influx of gamers chasing the next big play-to-earn games, opportunities are provided for businesses, retailers, and project owners to market themselves offering bespoke solutions to gamers. Fight4Hope will align itself with this trend, by delivering up to date marketing and advertising opportunities within the game.

A battle royale game mode that blends survival, space simulation, and scavenging elements with a last-man-standing gameplay, which challenges a large number of players.


A spaceship is the main unit in the game, and it is in the form of an NFT; a transferrable, scarce digital asset. Players need to have spaceships to fight enemies.

    Spaceships are categorized into classes:
  • light
  • medium
  • heavy
  • destroyer
    Performance stats:
  • Speed
  • Steering
  • Movement smoothness
  • Weight

Users are able to select from a range of weapons to equip their ships with before each battle. They are not permanently attached to any spaceship, but each spaceship type handles weapons differently. Each battle royale requires two weapons to be equipped. Each weapon will have a cooldown time before you can use it again - the length of this time varies per ship's models.

    Type of weapons
  • offensive (missiles)
  • defensive (shields)
  • position-based (boosts)
Spaceship types
Max Speed - 1,200 Km/hr
Steering - Bad
Movement smoothness - Good
Weight - Very Light
3 Laser Shots/Sec - 2 Slots
Fire Single Rocket
Single Color Variation

Max Speed - 1,000 Km/hr
Steering - Good
Movement smoothness - Very Good
Weight - Light
3 Laser Shots/Sec - 2 Slots
Fire Single Rocket
Two Color Variations

Max Speed - 800 Km/hr
Steering - Hard
Movement smoothness - Good
Weight - Heavy
3 Laser Shots/Sec - 4 Slots
Fire Double Rocket
Two Color Variations

Max Speed - 600 Km/hr
Steering - Hard
Movement smoothness - Not very good
Weight - Very heavy
3 Laser Shots/Sec - 6 Slots
Fire Triple Rocket
Two Color Variations

Max Speed - 900 Km/hr
Steering - Good
Movement smoothness - Good
Weight - Very light
3 Laser Shots/Sec - 6 Slots
Fire Triple Rocket
Single Color Variation

Spaceship Maintenance

After each battle. you will need to spend tokens to maintain your spaceship.

  • Scout - starting level
  • Scavenger
  • Squatter
  • Reclaimer
  • Colonist
  • Salvager of Hope - ultimate level.
    Play to Earn
  • Fight4Hope utilizes the play-to-earn model by distributing game’s native token, F4H, through mining and game activities, giving value to players' NFTs by increasing their use in game features.
  • NFTs are freely traded on the marketplace for F4H tokens.
    Currently the following options are available for the player to earn :
  • Participate in combat through the use of spaceship NFTs for F4H tokens
  • Grind up into game levels that reward F4H tokens for winners
Requirement to play

Fight4Hope is a Windows game application that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. The player needs to have Metamask or another compatible wallet and hold a nominal amount of BNB to pay gas fees for transactions. Also players need to secure some F4H tokens to start the game.

Fight4Hope allows the players to own their minted NFTs, with the right to sell and trade them on the F4H market. The player can search game assets that have been listed by other players, or list their own assets. Nominal BNB gas fees are applied to list/unlist assets in the marketplace.
Q4 2022

Website Launch
Onboarding of Key Team Members
Finalizing Storyline, Gameflow & Economic Model
Finalizing Branding & NFT Art
Open Seed Sale Round
SEO and Public Relations Campaign
Publications & Initial Awareness Campaign
Launch Staking Platform
IDO Public Sale
Launching on ArborSwap
DEX Listing
Beta Testing
Beta Public Launch
Blockchain Integration
Data Aggregators & Tracker Listings

Q1 2023

Post Launch Marketing Phase
CEX Listing
Additional NFT Spaceship Drop
Establish Social Media & Marketing Partnerships
Secure Strategic Partnerships with KOLs
Increase Social Media Presence
Additional Game Development & Testing Phase
Secure Partnerships with Gaming Streamers
Community Gaming Tournaments
Fight 4 Hope Affiliate Gaming Program

Q2 2023

Traditional Gaming Marketing Focus
New Map Drop
Additional NFT Spaceship Drop
CEX Listing
New Map Release
Social Media Community Campaigns
E-Sports Partnerships
Secure Major Gaming Partnerships

Q3 2023

Additional NFT Spaceship Designs
New Map Drop
Fight 4 Hope Charity Gaming Tournament
Conference/Expo Exposure Campaign
Eco-Friendly Charity Donation
Mainstream Publication Campaign
Scoring System Dashboard
Token Metrics

Token name: Fight4hope
Symbol: F4H
Decimals: 18
Supply: 100M
Token Tax: 9% buy and sell

Fight4Hope Tax Distribution

The 9% taxes are applicable for buys, sales, while wallet to wallet transactions are tax free.

1% rewards (RBA)
2% vault
1% LP
5% marketing

Token Distribution

Private sale - 6%
IDO - 12%
Liquidity pool - 7.5%
Staking - 22% (10 years)
P2E motives 16% (10 years)
Exchange and MM - 12.5%
Development - 6%
Marketing - 6%
Partnerships 5%
Team - 4%
Advisors and influencers - 3%